Day 9: April 1 Take Action

Day 9 Action: Peacekeeping Force & Genocide Prevention Month

There is so much we can be doing for Darfur, especially right now. Today’s action offers to vey different opportunities, both, I hope, will make a difference for people on the ground.

Action 1: Support UNAMID Peacekeeping Force by emailing key United Nations Ambassadors. Recent attacks on UNAMID have left the only line of protection for Darfur defenseless. Key nations are failing to offer financial, material, and/or human help during this incredibly vulnerable time. Tell China, Egypt, South Africa, US, and UK leaders to make Darfur a priority.

Action 2: Armenia, Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda – this April these genocides will be commemorated and we will remember all the times we broke our promise of Never Again. April is Genocide Prevention Month. There are events all over the world commemorating past genocides and taking action NOW for Darfur. Find an event, or check out their list of 30 Things You Can Do. Save Darfur also has resources for the events! History tells a story of bloody April after bloody April, continue to take action for Darfur so that history will say April 2009 was the month that genocide ended in Darfur.

Wake Up, Brush your Teeth, Call your Leaders

Los Angeles Action: Please join us on Sunday, April 5th 1:00 pm for an Interfaith Sedar @ the LA Federal Building on Wishire Blvd! Download the updated flyer.

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Hi Cheri!

It’s so great to hear from you! Since I haven’t been on facebook much this trip, and that is where we interact the most, I was hoping that you were following.

We return to MN soon! Towards the end of April for a whirlwind of Camp Darfur’s set up by Ellen. We hope to see you while we are there.

Much peace, ktj

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