Day 6: March 29 Take Action

Day 6 Action – FAST FOR DARFUR

For today—Sunday’s—action, we are reverting to what feels symbolic and trivial, compared to what is happening to the people of Darfur. The team here will be fasting, in solidarity with the children in this camp and the more than one million people that will go without food soon inside of Darfur. We will also make a small donation ($25 each) towards nutrition, through USA for UNHCR.

We are requesting that you join us in the fast (from sunup to sundown, or with any type of fast that works for you) and also send in the donation towards nutrition. Besides this, in order to work on the political will that is missing, we would like you to call your Senators’ office and tell them about your fast, and that you expect them to be your loud voice in Washington. Action is needed now. Click here to find the phone number for the Senator of your state.

Please donate to improve nutrition in the camps:
Make checks out to: USA for UNHCR
On memo line, write: SGN – Fast for Darfur

Send to:
Stop Genocide Now
1732 Aviation Blvd. #138
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

100% of tax-deductible donation will go to UNHCR’s work to improve nutrition at Darfuri refugee camps.

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Hi guys!

Sad, sad, sad. It’s so hard to believe how even more devastating and dire the situation is becoming and that it has come this far and will probably get even worse. I’m at a loss for words…

Take care and stay healthy….

Max says hello and wishes you well…


Hey Rach:

Yeah, incredibly sad. They are not getting enough here; to think of what some inside of Darfur is…well it’s something I wish I did not have to think about, but we have to.

Please give big hug to Max.


Hey, Gabe and KTJ and Yuen-Lin,

We will join in the fast with heartfelt thoughts of the refugees. We will continue to support this important effort. Please take care

JC, Gina, Alexi, Andrez and Brandon

JC, Gina, and family:
It means so much to me that you’ll be fasting with me today. We just spent four hours in the camp. It was hot, hot, with the sun beating down on us, besides the sand everywhere. We think a lot about food out here. It’s been only a few hours since we last ate something, and I’m already thinking about what I’ll eat tonight, when the fast is over. I asked a classroom of small children today how many had eaten something that morning. From 52 total students, only 8 raised their hand. So, I just should not feel sorry for myself. Whenever I’ve fasted, I’ve always been able to see the next meal right around the corner. Please say hi to everyone.


You’re the man! This i-ACT would not be anywhere close to what it’s been without you. Thank you for fasting with us today. It feels good to do this as a group.

I started the fast a few hours ago when I woke up. It is such a powerful thing to wake up and watch what you all are doing there. You guys are awesome and inspire me to do everything I can to save Darfur!

Thank you for joining in the fast, Jaymie! I’ve had this terrible, intense headache. It’s from lack of caffeine, not food! I’m such a wimp, compared to the kids we visited today :)

Let me know how your experience goes today.



I continue to marvel at your courage and persistence and at the lack of action to bring peace or some kind of action to the region. Thanks to the iAct team for continuing to take action and push all of us to do the same!


I’m kind of mifted at the USA for UNHCR website because they won’t take a less than $10 donation. Okay, maybe I’m stingy with my money but what about people out there that would like to donate but really only have $5 free for donating at the time. They’re going to not let it be submitted online which is like the fastest way for it to get to them…. Seriously…

Anyway shall mail check.

Hi J,
UNHCR provides the infrastructure for the camps we visit in Chad and is the primary coordinating NGO for all the other NGOs working in the camps.

Sorry to hear about the website problem, the check can be routed through us and bundled with other donations!

paz, ktj

After our fast and prayers at tonight’s mass, my daughter and I made our donation for nutrition. Today, we wrote about this fast in letters to our senators and representatives in D.C. and TX, as well as President Obama, called the 24-hour State Dept. number, and faxed Clinton. I wish our messages had included mention of the results of your poll of the students on how many had eaten something that morning. Our leaders need to realize this kind of statistic has been ongoing for six years and is soon to be much worse throughout all the refugee and IDP camps. They need to feel this in heart, mind, and soul; maybe then they’ll follow all their tough words with effective action. Tragically, time is already up for too many innocent who believed in our promises.

In solidarity,

Lisa & Emily
San Antonio

Lisa, you work so hard for Darfur. Please don’t give up, keeping working and writing and posting at different opportunities about Darfur. Our friends are so proud to know that people like you are working so hard for them. We must figure out a way to reach the hearts of our leaders, even if that means sitting in their offices and playing video after video and telling story after story.

peace, ktj

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