Day 5: March 28 Take Action

Day 5 Action: Ban ki-Moon, Don’t Do it!

John Norris from ENOUGH has brought to our attention in a recent post, Bad Moon Rising, that the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is thinking about meeting with Sudan’s indicted war criminal, President Bashir. We need to act fast to make sure that this does not happen at the Arab League Meeting in Doha. Inevitably, as Norris notes, pictures will be leaked and a media blitz from Bashir and his colleagues will follow. Contact Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and send him the message: Don’t meet with Bashir, an indicted war criminal, you will be legitimizing his regime and their actions.

Contact him the following ways:

  1. Leave a message on the United Nations general comment line: 212-963-4475 and Press * to leave a message.
  2. Contact Ban ki-Moon’s Special Assistant on the Prevention of Genocide, Francis Deng, and urge him to pressure the Secretary General not to meet with Bashir. Phone: 917-367-2078; Email:

Today, when you Wake Up, Brush your Teeth, Call your Leaders, add the above ask to your message! Pressure from all sides must come.

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