Day 3: March 26 Take Action

Day 3: Actions for Darfur

Today we offer you two actions. The first, many of you can complete by following a link and signing a petition. The second is a personal commitment that we are asking you to take with us. Both require you to really look at yourself and the context in which you live amongst humanity.

1. Did you know that the savings of millions of Americans is invested in companies that help to fund the genocide in Darfur? That’s because American mutual fund companies like Fidelity, American Funds, Franklin Templeton and many more continue to invest our savings in foreign oil companies that support the deadly operations of the Government of Sudan.

With the help of supporters like you, Investors Against Genocide is making progress in changing the policies of mutual fund companies. EVERYONE can help by taking this e-action to tell mutual fund companies to stop investing in companies that fund genocide. Many people will even have the chance to vote against investing in genocide at upcoming shareholder meetings at Vanguard, TIAA-CREF and American Funds. Learn how to submit a shareholder proposal for genocide-free investing!

2) On Sunday, March 29 – Day 7 of i-ACT – the field team will fast from sun up to sun down. It is the end of the month and many refugees will have run out of food. As we walk and speak with them in the camps, we will stand beside them in solidarity as well. Please think about making this commitment with us and for the people we have failed and those we can still help.

**Quick note on Day 2 Action Blogging to the State Department. They must have taken down the blog sometime as we flew over the US, through Europe and into Chad! I apologize! If you want to send them a twitter message do so at @dipnote or call them: Wake Up, Brush Your Teeth, Call Your Leaders

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I emailed my investment company via the Investors Against Genocide website, and will be fasting with Gabriel, KT-J, and Yuen-Lin this Sunday.

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