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Wake Up, Brush your Teeth, Call your Leaders

Each day we will have a new action item for you to participate in during i-ACT. However, we are also offering a single action, for each of the 10 days, that you can take. As part of an Urgent Call-in Campaign to pressure the Obama Administration we want to keep the phone lines busy. At least once a day please call President Obama at 202.456.1111 (9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday), State Department at 202.647.6575 (call anytime to leave a message), or text Secretary Clinton at 90822 and tell them:

“I am from _____ and I want the Obama Administration to uphold his promises of action for Darfur with ‘unstinting resolve.’ Work to get aid back into Darfur. Support an effective Peacekeeping Force. Support the ICC. ”

Make the pledge by commenting below. Tell us how many times you will call and with whom during i-ACT. If you are a teacher call with your students. If you are a student, maybe use the loud speaker at school. Get creative in your pledges and actions. We need more people to call. Each and every one of us counts, and the people of Darfur are counting on us.
If you are from another country and have a phone number for our leader, please share it here and we will post it on the full action item!

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Make it part of your routine. On the west-coast it is very easy to let the day slip by, and if you don’t call the White House by 2 pm PT it is too late. So wake up and call (202) 456-1111 before you leave for work or make that pot of coffee.

Note: the White House line is frequently busy, just hang up and hit redial. It might take a few times, but you’ll get through! Don’t be defeated by a busy signal.

Sent text to Clinton today. Noticed that the State Dept Press Briefing included a number of pressing questions about Darfur. :-) The press is catching on that this is urgent, a number of newspapers across the country had articles today and this past weekend!

Thanks for giving me one way of helping from the US. I am so passionate about bringing change to Darfur and I love being able to do something everyday that could really make a difference.

I’ll be telling everyone I know to do this!

An injustice to any is an injustice to all, “we, the people…”, can’t allow it :) For e.g., the fundamental thing taught by Jesus was destruction and murder are of no profit or pleasure, something almost all supposed Christians are anti-thetically opposed to, as is your gov’t; and a gleaning from Native American teaching, et al, all life are needed threads in the fabric of life. All for one, one for all :)


I texted Secretary Clinton and left a message with the State Dept. I will forward the website to 5 people and do my best to show compassion for those suffering in Darfur. It is time that I stop blocking it from my mind. Thank you for reminding me how urgent this is.

Started calling on March 24th. Have been able to leave messages for State Dept. but the President’s Office line has been busy since yesterday AM, hopefully with calls for Darfur. Will keep trying…

Yes the White House line is usually busy. But don’t give up. If you hit redial enough times you’ll get through in a minute or two. Persistence pays off!


The energy from this page is amazing! Thank you all for taking the little steps that create the pressure that hopefully reaches our leaders in time to save the millions who are suffering. I, too, hope the White House comment line is busy with Darfur comments! Please keep trying! You can also write Obama a note via the web at to get the message through when the lines are busy!

peace, ktj

On my daily call this morning I got an enthusiastic White House worker that said “Yes! I agree with you completely, thank you so much for calling”.

For those getting a busy signal. I am averaging 4-5 calls before I get through, this only adds 40 seconds to the process. Don’t give up, keep trying until you get through. You WILL get through after a few more tries.


Yes, Sure, Darfur needs the help of everyone. So is the need of the Sri Lankan Tamils that has still to catch the eyes and minds of the World. When you are helping Darfur and remembering Rwanda, please do try to do something for the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka who are being oppressed and killed by the so-called “the democratically elected legitimate government” of the “sovereign” State of Sri Lanka that is causing the death of many dozens of innocent civilians on a daily basis through aerial bombing and heavy artillery fire.

Please help the suffering Tamils of Sri Lanka too.

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