i-ACT i-ACT 7: March 23 - Apr 1, 2009

Safe in Chad

GabrielGabriel, Katie-Jay and Yuen-Lin have safely arrived in Chad! Their flight was delayed leaving Los Angeles, which made their transit in Paris very ‘exhilirating’. Their bags haven’t arrived yet though, but they will continue making preparations to head out to camps while they are there.

 Read more thoughts from Gabriel here.

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Gabe, KTJ & Yuen-Lin …. glad you are all safely in N’D.

This is going to sound so feeble but I clicked on the “write comments” link to send this
note and just burst into tears. I REALLY thought – after the last trip & with Obama about to be elected – that I might not ever need to leave a comment/hello here again during a further i-act.

Anyhow… that wasn’t to be. So – take care of yourselves & as always, I’ll be watching everyday.

in love & friendship always,

Gayle xxxx

( @gaylemaree )

Yes, on the team we also had great hopes, and so often talk about our “dream i-act,” when we come to walk along with the Darfuris to a peaceful Darfur and be a part in the rebuilding of their burnt homes. That things are actually getting worse right now talks about our failure as humans to grow up and be responsible for all. What the hell is missing? There have been so many excuses during past atrocities, but what about now, with Darfur? It used to be, “We did not know!” Is it now, We know too much!”?

Thank you for always being so supportive, my friend.

Queridos Gabriel y compañeros,
KJ y J.L. ya estoy enterada de como esta alla en Darfur y al rededor de cuanta dificultad para el que sobre vive. Ojala se mejore pronto. Ayer pase 2 horas escribi y se me borro, no se que hise. Mas tarde escribi 1 hora y paso igual. Todo me fue dictado. Aunque algo negativo. Puesto que mencionaba algunos nombres. Esta ves se lo paso a Juan Carlos para que lo escriba. El angel sugirio una colecta para todo mundo. Especialmente para los que quieran que se les reconfirme. “Dice ahorita” que ganan la vida eterna, asi que el que aporta se sintira mejor. Para el presidente hay esto, que cumpla con la ayuda prometida porque si no los que votamos por el lo podemos rebotar. Quidense mucho y que el resultado sea un exito rotundo. El angel tambien dijo, que ustedes sabes geografia, pero no de teologia y por lo tanto Amando tal vez le valiera. Asi que amen todo lo que vean pero no lo que desagrada a dios padre.
Amor y paz, Mom.

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