Day 1: March 24 Take Action

Day 1: Actions For Darfur

Now more than ever we need the voices and stories of Darfuris to reach beyond our homes and into our neighbors and leaders lives. They need us to be their voices. On this first day of i-ACT we are asking you share it with others:

1. Tell Five Friends about Darfur.

Send them our website by using this simple paragraph (towards the bottom & adapt it for you!), join one of our social networks , or download a full page or quarter page flyer to hand out!

2. Make the Pledge: Wake Up, Brush Your Teeth, Call Your Leaders

3. Check out the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program! i-ACT is an official partner and will be working with US-based schools and students and schools in Darfur refugee camps to develop a deeper relationship. Get your local school involved in the program!

Don’t forget to take the i-ACTivist Challenge!

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