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Obama in LA – EVENTS March 18th and 19th

Tonight we expressed OUTRAGE @ LA Federal Building. People from all over California and Darfuris living in Arizona gathered – shouted – died in during red lights – and made noise for Darfur. During the event we got word that President Obama has taken the first step for Darfur by appointing a Special Envoy for Sudan, J. Scott Gration. Tonight, all of us made a new commitment to Darfur: to not let down or step down until peace reached Darfur. We will not be satisfied by announcements and statements, we want action for Darfur.

OUTRAGE continues as Obama makes appearances Orange County and LA in the next two days:

March 18th: Meet at 3pm
Town Hall: Orange County Fairgrounds
Building 12
88 Fair Drive,
Costa Mesa, CA

March 19th: Meet at 3pm
Filming of the Jay Leno Show
NBC is located at: 3000 W. Alameda Avenue Burbank, CA 91523
Meet at Johnny Carson Park – Corner of S Bob Hope Dr and W Parkside Ave

As I write this note, children are still without aid: no medicine, scarce water, and very little, if any food. Obama needs to know that we will hold him accountable for Darfur. Please join us! We have some signs that we will bring from the LA Federal Building, but we encourage you to bring your own.

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After attending the most recent Darfur Rally in Los Angeles, I’m more motivated than ever!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us keep the momentum going!!! This is it. Darfuris are living without food, water and medicine!!! We must act now!!! Stand with us to show State Representatives that we are not going to be tolerant of their inaction any longer!!!! We need to show them that we are outraged and fed up!!!

Join us tomorrow March 19th in Downtown Phoenix (1700 W. Washington Street…State Legislative Offices) for 4 hours (2pm-6pm) to take a stand against Genocide!!!!

Thank you Katiejay and Gabriel for inviting us to your event and making us feel welcome! You are such good people, doing such great things. Our thoughts and prayers are with you wherever you go. Molly, Delani and I look forward to rallying with you again soon!!

Peace and love

Genocide is killing them so we need to get up and help these people instead of watching them die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

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