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For 10 consecutive days, i-ACT (interactive-activism) connects you with the faces and lives of Darfur refugees who escaped, for now, genocide in their homeland. Watch videos from the field team; read journal entries and add your comments; take action daily that will change the way the world responds to genocide. The violence and insecurity in and around Darfur has escalated since the ICC announced an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President al-Bashir. Thirteen aid groups providing life saving services have been expelled from Darfur, leaving 4.7 million without help. Visit Stop Genocide Now i-ACT ( to join the community, learn what Darfuris are saying about the ICC and justice and personally connect with a child who needs your voice and action.

Gabriel co-founded Stop Genocide Now in 2005, which gave birth to i-ACT in 2009.

He became involved in the situation in Darfur out of a sense of personal responsibility. He believes the power of community and compassion, combined with personal empowerment, can bring about meaningful change.




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  1. Valiant G. Nims III says:

    I was Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and would now like to help out in Darfur. My specialty was Infantry and Reconnaissance. I have knowledge in communications and received anti-terrorist training at the FBI Academy. My heart goes out to the people of Darfur. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I would like to go and be a part of the rescue effort. Sincerely, V.G. Nims III

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