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Darfur Is Heating Up – Now More Than Ever, We Need to Keep the Pressure On!

Boy at Edge of CampOver the last several weeks we have asked you to make phone call after phone call, to fax, to email, and to stand by the people of Darfur by changing your facebook, myspace, or twitter profile picture. Many of you have reached busy signals, answering machines, and your faxes have failed. This only means that more and more people are standing as you are, next to our friends during a time of increased violence. Now there is word of an ICC decision, although not yet confirmed, and al-Bashir could further unleash terror on the innocent civilians, humanitarian workers, and Peacekeepers.

The Obama Administration must be prepared to take swift action, beginning now by appointing a special envoy to Sudan with powerful skills and an international reputation that demands respect. He has surrounded himself with advocates who have spoken out on Darfur: Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Prendergast, and more. Now he must act.

TAKE ACTION: EVEN IF YOU HAVE CALLED, PLEASE CALL AGAIN! You are part of an urgent call-in campaign whose goal it is to keep phone lines busy for Darfur.


White House: 202.456.1111 (Open 9am – 5pm EST Mon-Fri)
State Department Message Line: 202.647.6575 (Open 24 hours a day/7 days a week)
Secretary of State Clinton Targeted Message: 1 800 GENOCIDE (1 800 436 6243)


“I’m calling to ask President Obama, Ambassador Rice, and Secretary of State Clinton to protect innocent civilians in Darfur during this volatile period approaching an ICC arrest warrant for Bashir. Please issue immediate warnings to the government of Sudan specifying consequence of attacks on civilians, appoints a full-time senior level envoy, and stand firm in support of the ICC indictment of Bashir.

Thank you for taking action. If you get a busy signal, please do not give up. Everyone of our voices is meaningful, and together we can keep their attention on Darfur.

Get Educated: Read ENOUGH Projects What the Warrant Means: Justice, Peace, and Key Actors

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From one Darfur advocate in Orange County, CA:

“Just thought you might like to know that I was so fired up after last night’s meeting that I placed a call to the White House this morning to urge the President to take additional action on the genocide in Darfur. I got the NICEST man on the phone, who told me that my call was the first he had received on the subject of Darfur so far today. He promised that the President would get my message and said that he, personally, wished that more people would call in on this issue!”


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