Thank You for your support in 2008!

The entire Stop Genocide Now team thanks you and your community for your generous support in 2008. Your contributions (of money and time) have allowed SGN and UNHCR to expand educational opportunities in Darfur refugee camps. We have traveled to more US communities and connected them with more survivors of the Darfur genocide. Your support with our i-ACT team members when in the refugee camps has been invaluable – you posted comments and spread the word for others to connect through i-ACT.

Check out all the events we participated in – we reached thousands of people and shared with them the voices of Darfuris.

Your support is so important to us, and to the livelihood of the Darfur refugees. We can not thank you enough!

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Hi Jerome!

There have been a few petitions, but mostly we are urging people to call the White House and State Department because of increased violence on the ground. Here is the current ask. We did a few online actions via and also, but right now we are pushing this. Thanks for keeping in touch with us and taking action!

Call the State Department’s public comment line 24/7 at 202-647-6575 and the White House (9 AM – 5 PM EST weekdays) at either 202-456-1111 or 1-800-GENOCIDE with this message:

“I’m calling to ask President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and Ambassador Rice to embrace their responsibility to protect innocent civilians in Darfur and to make sure that Muhajiriya does not become the next Srebrenica. President Obama, please issue immediate warnings to Bashir and the government of Sudan specifying consequences of attacks on civilians. Please also prepare an emergency response plan to address further violence and appoint a full-time senior level envoy.”

peace, KTJ

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