Issue 6: Jan 2009 Take Action

Vote for a Peace Surge for Darfur – 2nd Round of Voting is holding it’s 2nd round of voting for the “Top 10 Ideas for Change in America.” Go to to vote today!

Jerry Fowler, President of the Save Darfur Coalition, is asking the Obama Administration to adopt a Peace Surge for Darfur. In doing so, Save Darfur is participating in a contest run by and MySpace that is called “Ideas for Change in America.” The top 10 ideas will be presented to the Obama administration on Inauguration Day. Then,, MySpace, and their partners will build a national campaign to advance those ideas in Congress. Help make Darfur a Day 1 Priority. If we allow genocide to continue in Darfur for another day, week, or year we are not just failing the innocent civilians of Darfur, but we are disrespecting the memory of the millions who have died in genocides in our history. Stand up for Darfur, uphold the memory of all those who have died because of who they are.

Voting requires registration, but it’s simple.

You can make this Peace Surge for Darfur happen. Go to and vote in support of peace, protection, and accountability in Darfur.

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Thank you Michelle!

For all your hard work for Darfur on! I read you blogs and post them frequently on my facebook!

I hope that we can work to collaborate on projects and ideas – this must be the year that genocide in Darfur ends. It just has to be.

peace, ktj

I would love to collaborate! (I hope you can access the email address I submitted to comment?)

Please let me know if you have any other ideas for how we can promote the idea at…I’m about to embark on a massive blog/organization email blitz myself.

I think that it’s so important to have Darfur on a list decided by popular vote—it will not only be another indication to the Obama team that they need to act swiftly to end the genocide, but by being more prominently featured among’s campaigns, has the chance to break through silos and reach a broader progressive community. (The Ideas campaign doesn’t end with the voting—more will come for those that make it into the top ten!)

Hey Michelle!

I can’t access your email – the one you submit is just for verification that you are a real person so I can’t access it. Alas, you can email me at ktj[at] since I wouldn’t want you to have to post your email in public. Mine is already all over our site!

Let’s collaborate. I am not sure if ending the Darfur genocide will come in the top ten, we are sure trying. But there are other things we would like to collaborate and explore this coming year – it would be great to speak to you about it!

best, ktj

What is going on, in Darfur, is disgraceful. We see it, but we are doing nothing.

We must end this horror and evil.

President Barrack Obama I think you should help stop the genocide. People are getting killed as minutes pass by. Some people dont do anything people just come and take their stuff and kill them for no reason. I imagine how their relatives feel(sad).They said after what happen in Rwanda that they won’t let it happen again but as you can see and hear on tv and newspapper it happen again.You need to help solve this problem you need to do what you can do to help stop Darfur so that people can stop getting killed.The people need help A.S.A.P.(AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)they can’t wait anymore they have been waiting too long. You are about to become President of the United States. It’s time for you to take action( IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE)…………………THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia M. Brown

We have read about this genocide going on since 2003, that is some of us. Because this conlict has not been given a lot of news coverage. Unfortunately the solving of this conflict has not been given priority by the world community. News coverage in my country, Sweden, and in other countries has been insufficient. Many people do not even know about this conflict that has taken so many lives. Hundreds of thousands. So many people, children, women and men have been killed. So many have been displaced. So many people are now living in refugee camps and they are not even safe there. After Rwanda and Yugoslavia we as a world community have not been more effective in stopping this genocide. Why? Now it is about time that we implement efficient strategies to stop this killing of innocent civililans. We are hoping that President Obama and other representatives of power in our world community will gather and with a concerted effort finally stop this genocide.

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