Seeking Empathy - A One Month Refugee Diet

End of the refugee fast

Eric and Jeremiah have completed their month-long refugee fast. For Eric, the physical changes he experienced is quite startling:

Below are some photos documenting the observable effects of living on a wheat diet of 1,000 Calories a day for just 1 month. The left shows me at 157 lbs on Nov 1, and the right shows me at 134 lbs on Nov 30. So in just 30 days I lost 23 lbs. I am a healthy adult and I will put the weight back on and be fine. But there are children that have lived their entire lives in the refugee camps without even minimally sufficient nutrition. They won’t be fine. The damage done to their bodies is permanent and will plague them forever.

Read more about their experiences during the month here.

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Wow, those photos are amazing. 23 pounds in 30 days, and some people, even children, live that way their entire lives. Brings perspective when I think I’m hungry, but I have unlimited options compared to them.

At a minimum this serves to make me more grateful for what I have. Thanks for your eating experiment and being candid with your photos.

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