Day 10: Aug 10, 2008

Able to go back home

young boy in Oure Cassoni.JPGBahai and Oure Cassoni are surreal places. As we ride full speed on our Toyotas across the desert, seeing rebels racing next to us, it seems like I am in a movie. The harshness of the environment quickly dissolves any illusion. I was thirsty every minute I was out there, even though I always had access to water.

I am starting to move back to my own reality, the one I’m used to, one jump at a time—the same way we moved away from it. We are now in Abeche, in a room that has electricity most of the day and running water half of the time. Tomorrow morning we fly to N’Djamena and get to hang out at Le Meridien. It is definitely not a luxury hotel by western standards, but it feels like a five star after spending time in the east of the country.

That same night, we get in to an Air France flight. The seating is cramped , and the food is, well, airline food, but it will feel comfortable, and I will eat everything they give me. It is all relative.

carrying ration.JPGI am going back home. I have the privilege of doing this. I get to see my children again. I miss them so much! I get to eat all that I like again, and the problem is deciding what to eat . What a problem! I go back to not worrying about unpredictable things like rebels, extreme weather, and availability of water. I am truly privileged.

As this trip comes to an end, I again want to challenge myself to find better and different ways to make a positive difference on the people we met. We have to be creative and more daring in our actions. We have very little to lose. They have nothing.


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Gab y KTJ. Sumergidos en su trabajo les ha sido imposible enterarse de los grandes problemas que existen en todo el Mhndo que deberia ser de Dios nuestro Padre Eterno Quien nos deja a expensas de la mutua caridad misma que muchos ignoran al maximo Si todos los cryentes en humanitarismo hacemos algo por los desamparados algun alivio podran obtener Doy gracias a nuestro Buen Padre por ustedes todos los que han tratdo a pesar de las dificultades Y los espero para no extranar mas su agadable cmpania y con gusto si algo se les ofrece A Mia Farrou y acompanantes mis respetos y admiracion Que tengan buen viaje de regreso Dios con ustedes AMOR Y PAZ Mam


Dear Gabriel and Katie,
I have been following your new trip with awe and pride, for all that you are doing. When you talked about the food rations it reminded me of how we tried to duplicate it and Camp Darfur in the middle of LA.
I am going to work with the Denver Save Darfur Coalition during the Democratic National Convention, anything to spread the word. I think of all of you often and how you are keeping the image of the of Darfur and it’s people alive in the eyes and minds of the world. May you always go in peace and love/
Mimi Schiff

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