Day 8: Aug 8, 2008

Action: Thank Team Darfur!

Today is the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. But activist Mia Farrow and the i-ACT team have another show for you to watch: tune into the alternative opening ceremony of the Darfur Olympics, here! Although Darfuri children living in refugee and Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps can not attend, our courageous athletes at Team Darfur can. Thank them for standing up to the world, and brining our friends voices to China. Click here to send them a message, and ask them to bring one of the Darfur Athlete Profiles to the stage when they win gold!

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Hi Everyone!
I’m just a concerned citizen of the US. I recently wanted to learn about Darfur and watched the DVD “Sand & Sorrow”. I’ve been surfing the net and reading more at the websites mentioned on the DVD and found yours! I want to help! I’ve started following your daily updates and doing your “Action” suggestions and will continue to do so. We , hubby Mike & I, also watched “War Dance” and learned more about Uganda and its ongoing hardships. “Humanity before Politics” sums everything up real well! When signing in to comment, I had to first learn what a URI is! I hope I got it right. Thanks so much for what your doing, take great care and your in our thoughts. Kathy Walling in Washington State, USA. Go Darfur Olympians!

The Olympics have begun in Beijing, but our hearts are with you in Chad and with the people of Darfur. We are tuned in to the DarfurOlympics, and are reading the blogs and watching the videos. I am so moved. You are all my heroes!
God bless you.

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