i-ACT i-ACT 6: August 1 - 11, 2008

Helping One World Realize One Dream

Almost a year ago, Beijing began to spread their 2008 Olympics motto: One World, One Dream. Shortly thereafter, a movement began to pressure Sudan’s largest foreign oil investor and UNSC ally, China. Now with the games less then two weeks away, our community needs to turn up the heat, and demand that the Chinese government, and all our global leaders, ensure that our world, and our dreams, represent and include those of Darfur.What are the dreams of the Darfuris whose lives have been filled with daily horrors, challenges and obstacles to their dreams? You have heard it before through past i-ACTs – they want peace and protection in order to ensure a safe passage home, and a chance to rebuild their lives. They want justice and a future.

ZainebAs the i-ACT team prepares to bring our community the voices and stories of Darfur from refugee camps, where they have been trapped and forgotten by our leaders, athletes are moving into the Beijing Olympic Village. As NBC brings you thousands of hours of coverage of Olympic games, and athlete profiles about realizing dreams of the Gold, i-ACT will bring you the voices of those who have fled their homes under flames, violence, and hatred.

As the world celebrates humanity and the global community through competition and sportsmanship, people in Darfu r and refugee camps in Chad are starving and struggling to survive day-to-day.

Now more than ever, THEY NEED YOU to listen to their voices, look into their eyes and tell our leaders, China, NBC and your local community their stories. People are nervous that the recent ICC evidence brought forth by Moreno-Ocampo threatens the prospect for peace. But what peace has their been for Darfuri’s or for UNAMID troops? Now more than ever, with the world’s attention on humanity and global brotherhood, we need to share with others why Darfuri’s deserve to be part of One World, One Dream.

Starting August 1st, i-ACT will bring you exclusive footage from the other Olympics, the other Dreams. Each day we will highlight a Darfur athlete. I am asking you to share this athlete’s profile with others. During the opening ceremony of the Olympics on August 8th, Switch Over to Darfur will launch their own Olympics show through the 15th. Please tune in and spread out, the stories you hear for these two weeks – the power to unite the world lies in your ability to take action on behalf of the innocent civilians of Darfur.

I Challenge You to Participate in the i-ACT Challenge.


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Hi Katie-Jay.
My H.A.G.S. teacher Rob Hadley told me you were the best person to talk to about having some of my students write letters to children in Darfur. Is there anyway you can help me?
Thanks, Chloe

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