Help us spread i-ACT, link to us!

Help us spread the word about our upcoming i-ACT by displaying our dynamic banners on your website. Banners come in 2 sizes, and will be updated daily with the latest frame captures from our new videos.

Copy and paste the code above the banner you’d like and you’re all set!

Note: Please do not store the following images on your server as they will be updated each day during i-ACT.

Option 1

   <a href="">
     <img src=""/>

Option 2

   <a href="">
     <img src="" />

James Thacher

James is i-ACT’s web and graphic designer and main video editor. As a full-time staff member, he also does a little bit of everything to keep all the projects running.




One Response to “Help us spread i-ACT, link to us!”
  1. lainey says:

    When are we going to stop talking and Act. I want to see the World leaders coming forward and stop these terrible atrocities, not in a years time but soon.
    Talk is cheap.

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