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James Thacher

James is i-ACT’s web and graphic designer and main video editor. As a full-time staff member, he also does a little bit of everything to keep all the projects running.



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3 Responses to “Pictures”
  1. carole says:

    hello, yall,

    don’t despair, don’t give up, store up your energy and catch up on sleep and write down all the ideas you can invent.

    what you are doing is a blessed thing; i wish i were there with you.

    here is my life motto and that of every disabled person, i hope:

    never never never never never never never never never give up.

    let it be yours, too.
    with love and prayers for you all.
    carole j.

    • Gabriel says:

      I love your motto, Carole!

      I’ll use that one also! Thank you for the push in the right direction :)

    • Katie-Jay says:

      Thank you Carol for your encouragement. I woke up today thinking the same thing – how lucky we are to be here and be able to share the voices of the refugees with you, our community. We will not give up.
      Peace, KTJ

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