i-ACT 5: June 10 - 22, 2008

And off they go!

Fry's pickup 1 After going through the usual last-minute hustle and bustle before any trip (which included the usual pick-up at Fry’s Electronics for more equipment), Katie-Jay and Gabriel left Los Angeles last night on their way to Chad.

We wish them a safe journey!

Flight map from Los Angeles to Chad

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Hi Gabriel and Katie Jay:

I believe what you guys are doing is truly the most righteous act of humankind. You are bringing solice to all of us here that can’t go there. Send our prayers and hopes to the refugees and I send mine to both of you. I enjoyed Camp Darfur at school and am happy to realize that putting that on for the entire school is still continuing with your efforts.

Thank you,
Danna Weissberger
Canyon High School, Canyon Country, CA
head of Armenian and Holocaust tent

Thank you Danna for staying in touch with us! And continuing your activism (i-ACTivism) through your summer vacation. You truly are a leader at Canyon HS, leading others to see that our action is necessary in the world, not just in our communities we call home. Please continue to share your efforts as an i-ACTivist, and the voices of the refugees!

Peace, KTJ

Hello Dana!
Thank you for your comment and thank you for what you do in your school and community. It’s going to take people like you that embrace responsibility, even when they could turn the other way, and no one would notice. I am so glad that you noticed and are not willing to stand by. I look forward to working next to you and everyone at Canyon.

Hi Gabriel, Katie Jay, Scott, and Colin,

I will be following your daily reports and wishing all of you a safe trip. What you guys are doing is great. Please let the people you meet with know that they are not forgotten, and that there are many people, including myself, who are praying everyday that they are safe, and will be able to return home soon and begin to rebuild the lives they once had.

Diane Gandee Sorbi

Thank you Diane,
For your thoughts and prayers for our friends in the camps, we will certain to pass these on. One day, I know, we will be walking with our friends back to their villages in Darfur to help them rebuild their lives.

Peace, ktj

Thank you for your support and your prayers. We will be sure to let them know that many people are with them in thoughts if not in person. Hopefully this can provide some comfort until they are finally able to return to their homes.

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