100 Day Fast for Darfur

Fast Actions

If you are fasting with us, it more than likely means that your commitment to not being a bystander goes beyond what most people are willing to give of themselves. We are going to ask you to do more, though. Now is the time for the world’s actions to match the urgency of the situation on the ground in Darfur and the surrounding areas. Here are some suggestions, and we need you to gives us more:

  1. Get friends, family, and community to join the 100-Day Fast for Darfur.
  2. Sign Legacy Letter to President Bush and get others to sign. Call the White House (1-800 GENOCIDE) and tell them that you are part of the 100-Day Tag Team Fast for Darfur and that Bush needs to be doing more to “immediately protect innocent civilians of Darfur.”
  3. Call 1 800 GENOCIDE and tell your own congress people to make Darfur a priority.
  4. Contact media: tell about your fast; use refugee pictures and stories to talk about the urgency of the situation in Darfur.
  5. Be a part of a conversation to create strategy to raise urgency and effectiveness of movement.

To learn a lot more about what needs to happen to bring Peace, Protection, and Punishment to Darfur, go to ENOUGH!

We need your ideas!
This genocide has been going for over five years. We need to do more. We need to do different. As we fast over then next 100 days, let’s have a conversation that is focused on and leads to action. Click on “write a comment” and let’s start talking and doing!

Please send in your donation to World Food Program (WFP)!  They are in great need of assistance, and the area of Darfur is one of the most dangerous places for the WFP drivers.

For online credit card donation, go to Friends of WFP.  Make sure you select “Darfur/Sudan Emergency Operations.

To donate using check, make check to: Friends of WFP.

On memo line, write: 100 Day Fast- Darfur.

Mail to:

Friends of the World Food Program
1819 L Street, NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC  20036

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Hi! Would this be the right time to promote a “Five for Five” campaign with focus on the public recognizing that five years of acknowledged genocide is appalling, and is five too many with our promise of “never again?” We can ask everyone to give their own “five for five”: Find five people to educate/recruit as advocates; contact five government leaders;
post five advocacy flyers; send five newspapers an editorial or op-ed; donate five dollars to a Darfur-related agency; read/share five books regarding genocide; mail out five postcards with refugee photos/artwork pictures; say five prayers each day; support 5K walks or other fundraisers; make five dolls for the “Reach for Change” campaign; send five letters to Olympic sponsors; encourage five schools to participate in i-ACT Forward; order five canvas tiles for Tents for Hope, etc.

Lisa and five other Goldners
San Antonio

I think that is such a GREAT and timely idea, Lisa!!

Good thinking, baby!!! :)

Cheers and hugs, Gayle

PS: In the comments section under all of the 100 days, I’ve left you a message! XoXoX

Hey Lisa and Gayle!
Yes, great idea Lisa. Letting a genocide start is not acceptable. To allow it to go on for 5 years would be unimaginable, if it was not for that it is actually happening right now.

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