Camp Darfur

Camp Darfur in Hawaii

Living on an island, it’s easy to forget that there is a world out there in need of our care and continued consideration. As part of the Dream for Darfur torch relay event in Honolulu, Camp Darfur was able to bring that sense of reality to the participants of the event, as well as many curious students at the University of Hawaii campus. Through the use of powerful visual images, personal stories from victims and historical accounts of five genocides including Darfur, guests were able to learn and gain a better understanding for the continuing violence that occurs globally when we forget the past and ignore the present. The tents, which were designed to illustrate the simple living conditions of the displaced victims of the Darfur genocide, were covered in signatures from past Camp Darfur participants, and guests of all ages were able to send their own personal message to the victims, creating a more personalized experience. Participants were so pleased, and many thanked us for giving them the opportunity to truly see the violence that too often seems to have become background noise in the news media. Several students were so affected by what they experiences that tears welled in their eyes, and all they could do was ask, “how can I help?” Katie-Jay and Gabriel, thank you so much for sharing your incredible vision and stories from Chad and giving the people of Hawaii the opportunity to feel what they only have had the opportunity to read about.

Shahrzad Nouraini
Hawaii Coalition for Darfur

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Thank you so much for your commitment and passion to the Darfur cause. It was so great to work next to you and hear you speak with the students at the University of Hawaii. Your introduction of John Prendergast was so perfect also. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Leanne and Pam and all the others in Hawaii soon.


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