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In Los Angeles…thinking about Chad and Darfur (Feb 8, 08)

Hi friends and familia: 

This is just a short note to let you know we are back home.  I always felt connected to home and to safety thanks to all of your support in messages, prayers, thoughts, and actions.  I feel lucky and privileged to have a huge, loving community around me.  You are very much loved.  I am going to go outside and play with Gabo now.  He looks bigger than when I left for Chad.  It’s almost his fifth birthday!   Please help me support in messages, prayers, thoughts, and–most importantly–action the people of Chad and Darfur.  Many fathers are dead because of the violence in the region.  Many of the fathers that are alive cannot go outside and play with their sons.  


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I am so happy that you are well, and home, able to play with Gabo, and share a life with your family. I can’t remember the last time I had the sense of complete powerlessness as I had when you were in Chad. Please take some time for yourself and your wonderful family. Good to have you back.
Mimi Schiff

Dear Gabriel,

Breathing a huge sign of relief. I so looked forward to hearing that you
and Gabo were playing together. My thoughts agree with Mimi’s. I will
do as you ask.

Rest, repair and recharge ……. and kiss and cuddle and appreciate and laugh and cry and everything that celebrates life.

And Gabe – when the darker moments of reflection happen, remember there is hope everywhere …… (just look at the beauty alone that happened in “Out of Africa (almost)” entry over the past 36 hours – there is hope EVERYWHERE)

love and hugs, sweetie,

Gayle Maree XoXoX

Hi Katie-Jay,
I’m glad to hear that you are home safe and nobody on your team got hurt. I’m sure all the people you have helped appriciate all that you did. All I have to say is Thank You. I’m sitting next to my grandma and she is almost exactly like you… She has the courage and generosity to put others before herself.When I read African’s comment I didn’t think that it was right to say that you were selfish because you were leaving.Why? If something happened to you or your team you wouldn’t beable to help anyone, but atleast now if you wanted to go back you could. I’m just glad to see you got back safe and sound, and if possible please come back to our school and tell us about your trip and what you learned.
I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you!!
Thank You,
Canby, OR.
Ackerman Middle School

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