Reports from N'djamena

Photos – Evacuated from Chad to Gabon

Team Current location: Libreville, Gabon.

More photos at our flickr site.


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Relief! Oh the joy of flying on the C-130! 21 years in the Airforce has led to many rides in that plane. I realize the bittersweet reality in your departure…but know that many more will be galvanized by your work back home to take the needed steps to pressure our government into action. Tomorrow is super tuesday and its our best chance to get this message out in this political season.

KTJ…your Hotel Rwanda analogy was certainly head on. We just dont have to wait 10 years to hear that story because of you and your team!

Looking forward to your safe return back home in Oregon!


Dear KTJ and your friends,
Just wanted you to know that you have been in our thoughts and prayers. The students from Ackerman Middle School in Canby, Oregon have been worried,with the fighting going on around your hotel, for your safety. We are so happy to hear you have been evacuated. Praying that you have a safe trip home soon to Oregon!

Keeping you in our prayers,

Jaiclyn Nelson

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