Reports from N'djamena

Spending the night in N’D

Hello Friends y Familia:

We have not made it out of Chad, but we are in much safer place than the hotel, which was close to being in the middle of the fighting. As stated before, French military personnel extracted us from the hotel and brought us to their military base. It is well protected and at a distance from the main fighting. We have been hearing sporadic fighting in the city, with some heavy artillery at times. Being at this distance, it does not feel as menacing. The memories of the last couple of days are still very vivid, though, so the sounds still cause an impact.

We do not know when we’ll be taken to the airport for evacuation. It is believed that we will first fly to another African nation and from there to France. There has been some fighting around the airport, so that might have something to do with our delay. We are now in military tents to spend the night.

We are not quite out, but closer. We’ll keep you updated as to what’s going on around us. Thanks to all for your great support.


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Our hearts and prayers are with you – and all suffering from this fighting in Chad. It will be good news when the report says “we are out!!”.

Love, Patricia

Wow, thank you all so much for everything you have gone though to share with us what is happening in Chad and Darfur every day. It has been incredible watching your videos, and you are all in my thoughts. Wishing you and everyone there safety and peace. You are amazing people.

Thank you Gabe for the update. We are anxiously awaiting the news that you are all coming home. Joshua you will be pleased to know Abu has learned a new trick and cannot wait to show her daddy! We are very excited to see you. Please get some sleep if possible.
Everybody stay safe and stay grateful.
all of my love…

Our hearts are with you. I agree with Grammie- get some rest. I hope the flights out start soon, and know we will be waiting for you at LAX with open arms and chocolate. You looked great on the news and was on the screen. Love Ommi

Everyone on the Wildwood Student Task Force got an e-mail about your past few days and got the LA Times article, too. Sending good thoughts, and hoping for peace soon.

Katie-Jay and Gabriel

Your posts from recent days have been surreal. It is amazing – but true to form – that the two of you continued posting throughout the chaos. I am so glad that both of you and the rest of your team are safe (at least for now). We are thinking of you here in Portland.


Gabriel – Ed Bacon informed the All Saints Church Pasadena congregation of your situation today. I am so relived to see that you are in a safer place. My prayers (as the prayers of the entire All Saints community) are with you. I so admire your efforts. My heart is with you… Bill Brummel


We anxiously await your safe exit from Chad. I agree and am gravely concerned for the welfare of those you are leaving behind. We must activate a greater sense of urgency in our government and the governments of other EU countries to truly engage the parties and bring about peace to this region. TIA can’t be allowed to be a reason to ignore this crisis! Over 400,000 are in camps…now on their own…waiting action by someone…anyone…to do the hard work of negotiating peace. Geopolitical considerations are not a concern of those in the camps…the simple goal of survival is. Your work and presence in the camps will stand as the testimony to that for all to see. Our work truly starts now! I know now that I will be more engaged on this issue.


Wow! I am happy to hear that you are in a safer place. You are in my heart, my prayers, and my thoughts. My mother and brother also send you love. I admire your courageous efforts and await your safe return to the states.

Much Love & Peace,
Heather McKaig

So glad to here that you are safe. Thanks for your work and dedication. I’ve sent around the videos to everyone I know. Lots of love to you. Get home safe!

Wonderful to hear you are now on safer ground. Hope you will all be home with your families soon.


That will have to do until I can give you one in person.

XoX Meron

Sending you all there our loving thoughts
and prayers. Glad to know that you will all be
home soon. Abrazos a todos. And please give Ashis
abrazos from all of us in Louisville, Kentucky.
You are all appreciated deeply for your courage.

Sending you love and hope for your safe evacuation out! I hope you both catch a little sleep and are able to leave soon. Glad you are (somewhat) safer at the present.
All the best,
Cristie (KTJ’s cousin)

It has been a rough time. I have prayed for the teams safety and will continue to do so until you are home. It appears that the French Govt is orchestrating the evacuations and flights. I am so glad you are out of the hotel. My best to all of you.
Try and get some well deserved rest.
Mimi Schiff

From the tents of Camp Darfur you’ve set up around the U.S., to the meager refugee tents you’ve visited in Chad, to the military tents providing you shelter tonight, your efforts to make a difference in the lives of those suffering in this genocide are to be highly commended. Hang on a bit longer and you’ll be able to tell your story on home turf, and make even greater impact on securing your dream for Darfur.

Rest, recharge, and return safely,

San Antonio

Gabriel, we are relieved to learn that you’re in a safer place. Fr. Vazken informed us of your situation and you and your team has been in our thoughts and prayers since. This morning at church we offered special prayers for your team, your safe return, and for the safety and protection of all who have been affected by the fighting.

Take good care,

Hi Sweetie!!

PHEW Hey!!!

You’ve been on Australian television and either you, KTJ or both of you have been quoted in all the Oz newspapers today – each time has been mentioned by name.

Syndication, baby – it’s a powerful thing.

Safe trip home …….. I cannot imagine how glad Zahara, Mimi and Gabo will be to see their LOVE in person.

with the biggest hugs and lots of love – as always,

Gayle xoxoxoxox

Hoping you are on the plane now…perhaps in Paris. You were on CBS Evening News last night in the States; on Jim Lehrer News Hour tonight. Watching CBS tonight to see if there’s an update. Pretty scary way to get the word out on the refugees in Chad and Darfur. Now that I can breathe more easily about y’all, I am left with my original worries… for the people of Darfur and Chad. If the raised voices brought attention to Le Meridien Four (Quatre?), perhaps we can raise a little more noise for the remaining millions.

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