Reports from N'djamena

Smiling in the kitchen.

There are now many children here in the kitchen area. This morning, local Chadian women came to the hotel with their kids. They are beautiful, happy kids. They are patient! They eat whatever the hotel staff brings them, and they receive it with a smile.

My wife, Zahara, tells me that my little Gabo started to pick up all his toys yesterday, cleaning up for the coming-back-home of his papi. That made me happy and very sad. Gabo is a very happy boy. They have not told my daughter, Noemi, what’s going on over here. She’s very mature at eleven, but better if she does not know the details for now. She’ll love the stories when I get back. She’ll also love to see the bullet that came close to us!

Wow…there’s just no reason why all children cannot just be happy—or at least have the chance to be happy! I’m looking forward to seeing my smiling children soon.


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Nice to hear you’ve got some young smiling faces around you. Let them raise your spirits and keep things hopeful. We’re keeping Zahara, Noemi, and Gabo in our thoughts and prayers, as they wait so anxiously for your return. You’ll have them in your arms, soon!
Stay strong, and be safe. ~ Lisa

Hey Gabe,

Children do have a unique ability to brighten up our world by their mere presence. Of course no child should have to experience the wickedness that all of you are facing now. But it’s amazing how their Light can overpower the darkness.


Yo estoy bien, estoy en la cama con la computadora y con mi Gabo. Gabe me manda email y quiero estar despierta para contestarle…muy dificil dormir.

Just stumbled on your blog today, guys. Not the exit I’m sure you anticipated but be safe and I’m sure everything will work out fine.


Hey Gabriel, I heard you on NPR this morning. Thank YOU for yur words and how your said them.

You and your team and the peoples of Chad and Sudan (and well as your family in LA) have been very much in my thoughts and prayers this past week.

Be well Brother. Love Jim

Gabriel – I’m a British journalist based in Kenya trying to find some up-to-date information about what’s been happening in N’Djamena today. If you or any of your colleagues are able – safely, of course – to give me a call on +254 735446226, I’ll call you back. Or if you can email me some details about what you’re seeing, please do – mike(underscore)pflanz(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk. Thank you – stay safe – Mike Pflanz, Daily Telegraph

Just got off the phone with the State Dept and was told that as we spoke they were on conference call re your situation and had been working all night. Hope they get it handled quickly. Have EMailed you story from Redding Record-Searchlight. Can’t sleep at night. Wake up thinking of you and the team and those in the camps. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Prayers will be said in many churches this morning. Paz!

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