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Evacuated by the French

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Waiting for the next video posting of you standing in line to get on your plane. Or an email with that news would be fine…. (State Department told Angelica you were already at the airport?)
Paz and safety for all,

It is SO nice to all of your faces in that beautiful sunlight. Especially you, my wonderful husband!!! Can’t wait to kiss your fuzzy face.

Thank goodness your are out of the hotel. I called Bill Fritzland at the State Dept. 1-202-647-7004. He is not sure what the status is as of 2:06pm LA time but is calling me back. If her does not I will call him. They were just coming on to duty. I will keep you guys informed. With the help of all and the universe the next e-mail we get will be you waving good bye to all at the airport and hello to all in the USA.
I know that whatever I do, I am not far from the computer and check it constantly.
Mimi Schiff

Good to hear that you’re all getting out and that you’re safe. Please give my love to Ashis and that I’m relieved he is among the evacuees as I was unable to get a hold of him.

Gabriel, has anyone heard from Ibrahim Musa? Impossible to reach him. Is he safe? Does anyone know where he is? Thanks!

Have a safe trip home


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