Travelling home

Gabriel, Katie-Jay, Joshua and Jeremiah have just finished their recent trip to the refuge camps! They are now in N’djamena, along with many evacuated UNHCR staff. The situation on the ground now is grim, with camp staff evacuated out from Guereda, Mile and Kounoungou. The camps they were at just a few days ago were attacked. We hope everyone on the ground is safe.

James Thacher

James is i-ACT’s web and graphic designer and main video editor. As a full-time staff member, he also does a little bit of everything to keep all the projects running.




2 Responses to “Travelling home”
  1. Karine says:

    Hello Gabriel, Katie-Jay, Josh and Jeremiah. Please know that you and our friends in the camps are in my thoughts.

  2. Philippe says:

    Keep on and take courage. I do not know every time about the fights some humans are involved in. You are of them. I sincerely consider all of you.

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