Day 11: Jan 29, 2008


We want to encourage everyone following i-ACT to take a step back and reflect on the self. Ask yourself: what am I actually doing to help the people of Darfur? Have I done all the daily actions? After the reflection process with another 11 days of i-ACT and only one day left to come, I want to push the people that are involved to get others in our lives, our workforce, our churches, our classes, our teachers to take a responsibility to take action for Darfur. Find Five people in your life and get them to make commitment, take the time, and exceed their efforts to save lives in 2008. We all have a role to play and we all have a part of the weight to carry. After five years approaching and still no action on the ground, two main angles we need to look at are reflection of one’s self and responsibility.

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This is perhaps your biggest challenge made to us, yet. Let’s hope we can get the number of people needed to own up to this global responsibility, and remain actively engaged till those who have been brutalized are safely restored to a sustainable life in Darfur. Continue to prompt, push, and pull us over our hurdles of ignorance, indifference, frustration, and/or laziness.

Deep in introspection,

San Antonio

Hi this is Amanda from Ackerman Middle School. I want to no how u guys would sleep at night? Like knowing that they can bomb u while u were sleeping. How do u eat? Like what type of foods do get to eat there? Sending lots of love!!


Hi Amanda!
Good questions! We eat mostly what we bring: tuna, granola, backpacking food, and nuts!! We sleep in UNHCR compounds and are relatively safe! Right now there is lots of rebel movement, so we are staying inside a lot. Thanks for all the love!

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