Day 11: Jan 29, 2008

More pictures from today

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Hi Ktj,
My name is julio I am a 7th grader that goes to ackerman middle in canby,oregon.I remember when you came to our school and taught us about darfur it is sad to hear that these things are happening but I feel better when I know that people in the world are trying to make it better.I have a few questions to ask.Have you experienced anything new such as games or maybe traditions.I also would like to know how hot it is there.Thank you guys for all you and your crew are doing!I really appriciate it and i am sure many other people do to.

-Julio werner

Hi Julio!
Mostly the kids are playing futbol (soccer) or volleyball here in the camps! We also do a lot of races with the kids. They refugees continue to prepare grains, cook, and build homes in their traditional manner. The way of taking care of many generations is also traditional. Thanks for all your support!

Hay ktj,
My name is amanda i go to Ackerman middle school. I have a few quetions to ask. I wanted to no how u would sleep at night knowing that people can come and bomb you. I also wanted to no what you eat? What types of food do u eat. I also remember you coming to our school. When you called the White House. Sending you lots of love and hope!!

-Amanda Moore

Hi Amanda!
Good questions! We eat mostly what we bring: tuna, granola, backpacking food, and nuts!! We sleep in UNHCR compounds and are relatively safe! Right now there is lots of rebel movement, so we are staying inside a lot. Thanks for all the love!

Hey Gabriel!

It’s me Stephanie from the Venice High School Human Rights Watch- Student Task Force. Thanks for going over there, risking your life, to bring awareness on the crimes against humanity in Darfur. Here in Los Angeles, we are trying our hardest as well. We are determined to help end this, and we’re not going down without a fight! I really hope to see you soon. I would love another Camp Darfur at Venice. Last year, it caught many students’ attention.
God Bless You!

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