Day 9: Jan 27, 2008

My own two hands

Joshua and Jeremiah’s touching video from today. More at Abundant News

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This is fantastic!!! It’s very moving…together, your hands have been producing amazing work! I can’t wait to share this with my STAND group at Texas State.

San Antonio, TX

Sometimes just a few words and beautiful pictures can be so moving!
I am going to send this video to as many as posible;WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS!
Amor y paz,Connie

Loved the video. It says so much… Great way of showing us how easy it is to help others…with our own two hands… We just have to reach out…



Just caught your video from Camp Goz Beida on you “Abundant News” site.
Hope others following i-ACT have a chance to view it also.
It’s awesome! Informative and so much fun to see the kid’s smiling faces and excitement.
Fancy footwork in that soccer game. (the video from Camp Farchana was not available to watch).
Keep up the great work.

This video says so much… the song is just perfect, as are the images of hands. I am going to show this video to all of the students at my school… I wish the whole world could see it. Thanks for opening my eyes… I am involved with Tents of Hope and I love how your good deeds are making a difference. I am in awe of what you are doing…thanks.

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