Day 9: Jan 27, 2008

Day 1 at Camp Farchana… Awesome!

This was our first day in camp Farchana and it couldn’t have been more exciting. Below is 20 minute video that only covers about half of what occurred. We will try an play catch up tomorrow and keep you up to speed with the amazing developments.

Your Loving Eastern Chad Global Citizens!

4 replies on “Day 1 at Camp Farchana… Awesome!”

Had not caught these before. Great videos! I’m glad you found a cable to work for your video camera. Again, just really informative. That’s so great what you did for Fatma in getting her a house built. So would it just be a matter of donating to pay the man power to get more brick houses built?

Joshua and Jeremiah, tremendous accomplishment on such a project of empowerment! Great outreach from hands to hearts! You’ve made a monumental difference in the lives of many. Thanks for sharing so much great “insider” information in your videos. Wish we could have you lead a team of citizens building one of these on D.C.’s mall (which has awfully dry sparse turf, anyway), displayed alongside a Tent of HOPE bearing messages that need to be heard by our leaders! Are you starting a “Build hope with bricks . . . Bricks for Darfur” fund?!

San Antonio”

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