Day 6: Jan 24, 2008 i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008

Introducing Joshua and Jeremiah

Joshua and Jeremiah met Gabriel last year and immediately connected. Both of them had been thinking about connecting humanity by facilitating personal connections with those in need. Their mission fits in so well with what we do here with i-ACT that they jumped at the opportunity to visit the camps in Chad. Unfortunately, they’ve been stuck at N’djameena getting permits in order, but they will be joining Gabriel and Katie-Jay in Goz Beida tomorrow, so stay tuned! We’re very excited to have them with us on this trip, as every new person that goes on i-ACT brings with them a new perspective and unique insight.

If you’re interested in their ideas, visit their websites: World Abundance, and Abundant News.


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Can’t wait to hear from J & J. Sorry you were all delayed so much…

I’m sure you’ll have lots of stories to tell us anyway…


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