Day 3: Jan 21, 2008

Macy’s message, and Adam’s response

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Dear Macy,

Thank you so much for taking interest in this crisis. As Adam said, “you are a great lady.” I look forward to seeing you in the Spring. I hope that others will be moved to take action. Adam’s story has really moved me. He brought tears to my eyes as I try to put myself in his shoes. The situation was desperate five years ago…and it still goes on. The international community MUST unite and demand peace for Darfur. We MUST all join the movement.


Dear Macy,
Your message has been delivered!!!!Thanks for lending your voice.I am sure that you can be of great assistance to this crisis.People all over the world love your songs and will take notice of your genorosity.Thank you again and looking forward to your trip to the camps!
Amor y Paz,Connie

Adam’s reaction to Macy’s video is a great testament to iAct’s power to connect people. The funny thing is: I was reacting similarly when Adam was talking in today’s iAct video! As he talked, I responded to things he said out loud, as if he were here in front of me and could hear me!…

I wish I could tell Adam in person how much I admire his dedication to learning and teaching, two things that are very dear to me. I am glad that he can derive hope from our efforts, which I find horribly insufficient…

Dear Amy!

Next time we visit Kounoungo and Adam we will be sure to share your thoughts and dedication with him. It was so touching to see and hear his reaction to Macy. It was Macy’s touching words that set the tone for the rest of the videos that we showed Adam – all highlighting the hope and determination that our community has to help his people. For this, he was more grateful than he could put into words.

Hi Amy:

I was also so moved by seeing Adam have a conversation with Macy. He did the same with other videos we showed him form other people. When editing that piece, I was again moved and again when I think of it. Adam is so much the spirit of Darfur.

This is a really powerful set of videos from day three. Once again, thank you Katie-Jay and Gabriel for working so hard to make a difference in the lives of these people. Your efforts are being seen and appreciated. Also, a thanks to public figures like Macy Gray that take time out of their schedule to make sure their priorities are in order. These public figures need to be taking more responsibility for the character they display to the world and it is great hearing that someone wants to go over to the refugee camps and play for these people. Keep up the great work

Dear Alex!

Thank you so much for your honesty about the videos. The moment of showing the video to Adam wit Macy was one of the most touching. We also watched several videos of other people from America sharing their love including many senators and a few other high profile figures. I agree that these people have the leverage it takes to reach many people.

Hello Alex:

We met Macy to shoot that video, and she is so down to earth and willing to open her heart. I agree, people should all use their strengths to help others. Macy is a beautiful singer with a following. Her work will be able to reach so many.

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