Day 1: Jan 19, 2008 i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008

10 Day Challenge!

In i-ACT tradition, we are pleased to announce the return of the i-ACT Challenge! We’d like to show our appreciation to all i-ACTivists who follow Gabriel, Katie-Jay, Joshua and Jeremiah on their journey and participate in the daily actions. Every day when you watch the video, notice that in the daily action, one word will be BOLD. That word will only remain bold on that day. Write it down somewhere safe, and send us your list of 10 words at the end of the trip to — if you get them all correct, we will send you an i-ACTivist e-certificate. The first 100 participants to correctly send us the words also gets a Stop Genocide Now t-shirt, drawn by Mansur!

4 replies on “10 Day Challenge!”

Hi Gabriel and Friends,
will keep an eye on your 10 days of travel.
Please all of you stay save.
Gabriel it is so amazing with how much efford you continue .
I am so proud that you are so commited in trying and trying to help to make life better for all these people in Darfur.
Will keep in touch
All the best

Hi Gabriel,
I was just wondering if at some point in this i-act campaign if you could ask the refugees what kind of assistance they have received from various aid groups so we would know who to better send our fund raising efforts to!

Thanks so much for what you are doing and best of luck,

Alex Edstrom (STAND University of Idaho chapter)

I highly respect all people trying to end the mass atrocities in Darfur. My grandfather was an Armenian Genocide survivor, and in the year of 2008 with all of the technology and media, and with the world so connected, this simply cannot be tolerated. Please comment on this and tell me how these people came to physically go to these places and help these people, and become activists.
I want to be a future activist, when I become an Adult.

I am so grateful for people like this who help suffering people and going to places like Africa to save lives.
You make the world a better place to live in every day.
Thank you so much!!!
Keep up the good work

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