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KTJ Answering Comments, 17 Jan 08

My sista Sabs!
You made it out of Oregon and to Switzerland! Give Jeff a big hello for me and go to a yoga class – after almost 2 hours in a small Air Serv jumper plane landing on dirt runways and strapped in like a western seat belt, I could use a good downward dog! Soon! Your journeys and drive to the ends of the earth inspire me as well! Thank you for your faith and continued support in my life journey!

Hi Lisa from San Antonio!
Thank you for your continued support of i-ACT, it is community members like you, who bring the stories of Lelia and others to your community, who motivate Gabriel and I in the field. We are waiting on two more signatures, now closer than ever to Kounougo and Mile camps. RET is here in these camps as well as we had a great conversation with the local UNHCR director this morning about the need for education! More to come!

Greetings Connie!
The Zoe’s Arc incident is the entire reason why after this afternoon we will have 15 stamps of authorization to move around and visit the camps – I wonder how many the guards at the camps will give us? And, unfortunately, this isn’t just for us who will be out of Chad at the end of this month. The aid workers, too, are now required to get authorization from several government offices before leaving N’Djamena to reach Abeche. And for some they have been here for one, two or even three years. Interestingly enough, it was not the permits that were the problem with Zoe’s Arc mission, it was the actual mission! We have also discussed the shift in perception by Chadians for aid workers, and ways to rebuild the respect where skepticism now lies.

“Macho Macho Man, you’ve got to be a BRAVE man to where those shorts in public!”

Hey T!
Without our team, this would never be possible – thank YOU for your dedication, motivation and determination! Mucho amor!

Greetings Elizabeth!
I always ask my mum about you! I hope things in London are well and I foresee a trip to see you again soon, maybe even in 2008! I will carry with me your words of encouragement and support!

Mi amiga Brenda (y tu esposo Matt)
DRIVE carefully on Germantown Rd! James and I once had to traverse Cornelius Pass in the snow and I had white knuckles the whole time – good thing you have a Subaru! Tell Matt Happy Birthday, one year older and wiser! Haha! Its great to hear about the PacNW! Keep me updated hope all is well!

Hey Ma!
I have the book and the pens ready to go, tomorrow the first entries will be made – let me know if you want the front few pages to say anything specific! Lots of love!

Greetings Nell!
I remember meeting in NY and our West Coast humor shining through to create some good conversation! Awesome work on the legislation campaign! I can’t wait to hear more. One of our objectives while out here is to collect footage that teachers can use in the classroom to educate their students not only on genocide but also on the people it affects, the state of the refugee camps, and what it is like to live in a camp. Hopefully, what we collect becomes useful for partnerships such as the one with GI Net!

Paz y Amor! KTJ

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yo sista! I love the head scarf and the sexy smile! I am so proud of you! I really love reading your journal as well, I feel like I am there with you. As your emergency contact I like to know what is up with you. it looks so nice and sunny where you are – I was scraping ice off of my windshield this morning. You brought sunblock, right? I miss and love you and cant wait to read tomarrows entry. I will also be hosting a watch KTJ in chad party complete with lots of red wine and cheese.

thinking of you always

I have been contemplating what to put in the front of the book. I haven’t come up with anything more than “iAct Familia 2008”

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