Camp Darfur

Camp Darfur in UIUC

Jenny Byelick from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Action Darfur wrote to us about their experience bringing Camp Darfur to campus their campus!

I was extremely moved and motivated by the Camp Darfur exhibit. It really illustrated the history of past genocides, and how “never again” continues to happen again and again. Yet in addition to the horrific images of death and destruction, Katie-Jay and Gabriel brought a sense of hope and optimism. In the online video clips from the refugee camps, I saw the bright, beautiful people of Darfur; their smiles and laughter, their colorful clothing and most of all, their human emotion. I saw the joy and sadness of an elderly woman as she caught a glimpse of her grandson via the webcam, an emotion any person, anywhere, could relate to. These people, in all their despair and desperation, have not at all given up hope to a future without genocide, and neither should we.

— Jenny Byelick :)

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