Day 5: July 14, 2007

A Few More Responses From Gabriel

Hello Michael V!
That is a great idea. I will go to Mansur tomorrow and ask him if you could have a drawing to make a t-shirt with. I brought some drawing material and will leave for him to keep, for future drawings. I think your t-shirt would be a good awareness tool, and then you turn it in to action—as you said. Very cool, Michael. Take care, and say hi to everyone. Let’s all keep brainstorming together on how to spread awareness/action.

Hi Mom:
Gracias por el apoyo. Si esta triste la situacion en la que estan los refugiados, pero tambien tienen sus momentos de alegria. Vamos a trabajar duro para que ya no sea tanta la tristeza y sea mas la alegria. Un abrazo, Mom.—Gabriel

Hello Gayle:
Thanks, Gayle. I really appreciate your words, and I also so much appreciate that you are not just words and that you have been telling so many more people about Darfur and the people you are seeing during these days. Gayle is finding 5 people to tell right now. How many are YOU telling?

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