Day 2: July 11, 2007

Gabriel’s Journal 2

N’Djamena, 4:01am (N’D Time)

Team i-ACT, but more of a Family

We call ourselves a team, but there’s lots of love between this small group of people that came together because of something as horrible as genocide. Well, thinking about it as I type, we did not come together because of the horrible. We came together because of the beautiful. If there’s something we all have in common is our intense recognition of the beauty that exists in the people of Darfur and the awareness of the beauty that will be lost, if we (the world) do nothing.

I’ve had the pleasure (although pleasure sounds too formal, it’s more like “the blast) to hang out with all the members of my i-ACT family. I will put words in their mouths and say that I know that we all connected immediately, although at different times and in different places. Everyone is warm; everyone is funny—we laugh so much! I’m not sure what kind of impression we give to “the outside world,” but we are not a huge or even medium and probably not even small organization. i-ACT happens because of the hearts of the team and the heart of all others that become part of i-ACT through their support and actions.

We don’t always do things the conventional way. Given that we are working on making a difference now for the real people in real danger this very minute, we sometimes don’t follow incremental steps; we jump instead. Don’t get me wrong, we do not take what we do lightly; on the contrary, we put a lot of thought into it, but we do not stop acting while we think.

There are some hardships and stress. We are out on this current project all on money “fronted” by team members. We take time away from family. We go to places where the travel advisories tell us we should not be. None of this is sacrifice, though. We do this because we truly feel that it is important and that it can make a difference. As I’ve said in the past, it’s all about family. Our understanding of family just covers a few more people than the traditional family.

Thanks to all in the i-ACT family.


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Thanks for extending the love and compassion of many others through your efforts, for raising awareness and for reminding so many more that we are all one family.

A wise friend once told me that regardless of language barriers, if we all listen with our hearts, we understand each other.

Your actions, words and journey merely embody and extend these thoughts and the universal understanding behind them.


I’ve said it before but something needs to be done about this Red Bull dependancy – it’s tragic -the only chink in the Stauring armour :)

Keep your chin up – you guys are doing GREAT!

What you guys are doing is difficult yet rewarding. I wish I were able to join you, or at least do more here. You may be a small team, but you have touched the lives of millions, this has not been in vain. Be safe.

Amen! It’s all about love! And yes, we are all family. The beauty of Darfur also called me. Words can not explain how I feel when I see the children and their families. I want nothing more but to hold them until everything is safe for them.


Gabo, hoy al despertar pregunta si ya te puede ver y corre ala computadora, ya sabe de I-ACT asi que se despierta contento porque puede ver asu papi… Le dio mucho gusto ver a Connie y llamo a YL. (el amigo de papi) lo reconocio aunque ahora YL. trae el cabello mas corto y empiezan las preguntas…. estamos con ustedes en todo el recorrido, cuidense mucho y no olviden la pastilla de malaria.
Los queremos y los extranamos un monton.
Zahara, Mimi, Gabo & Ira

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