Field Report 3: Camp Darfur and Save Darfur rally in Boca Raton, Florida

Hello Friends & Familia:

There is not a specific date that marks the start of the genocide in Darfur. The Government of Sudan has been so effective at maintaining almost continuous campaigns of terror in one or more areas of their country that it is hard to pinpoint when one conflict ends and another begins.

It is known, though, that there was a major escalation of systematic violence against civilians in Darfur in February of 2003. So, February, 2007 (give or take) marks the 4th year anniversary of what is a another shameful example of a world of, in effect, bystanders.

What is sad and so hard to accept is that so many of us do care, but we have not been able to convince our leaders to care and act. The people that we just met in Boca Raton, FL definitely care, and they are acting.

At the event the Save Darfur Coalition of South Palm Beach, FL organized, we met so many beautiful people that are committed to action. We need many others across the country to join in making NOISE, until our leaders cannot continue to pretend they care while doing what amounts to nothing.

Please check out the video field report from the Florida Camp Darfur and rally. After you do that, take just a few minutes to call the offices of your Senators and Representative in Congress. Go to, enter you address, and this will give you the number to your Representative and Senators. Make one call, or make three!

Tell them to make Darfur a priority. Tell them to go beyond words. Tell them that the lives of millions that are now in grave danger are worth as much as any other life. The people of Darfur need immediate protection from a robust international peacekeeping force. The US and the world should not standby as genocide is taking place. We should not be willing to trade lives for intelligence or other diplomatic considerations. Genocide is not negotiable.

See you soon.

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There is a great way to reach your leaders in Congress and at the same time get some important Darfur information. Dial 1 800 GENOCIDE. This service is provided by the great people at the Genocide Intervention Network.


Hola, Gabriel!

This video was awesome! I was absolutely amazed at the turnout that Camp Darfur created there. I hope we can get the same crowds here in San Antonio, maybe even more. I thought the speakers were really good and the songs were pretty! I also liked the idea of them writing messages on the tents. Do the tents travel with you, or do you get new ones every time?

We’re trying to share your message as much as possible. So many people still don’t know about the genocide. A lot of them haven’t even heard about the country of Sudan. It makes me feel like taking more action against the atrocities there. The stories are so sad. Every day I make calls to the Capitol and state leaders. I hope they hear the message we’re trying to get across.

Buenas suerte!

Amanda G.
San Antonio, TX

Hola Amanda!

Thank you for your comment, and thank you for what you are doing every day for Darfur. It can be so frustrating, but we just cannot afford to give up. We have to become more creative and find more energy for our efforts. You are so right: not enough people know about what is happening in Darfur. People do care, if they learn about the real people going through some real, horrible, suffering.

I’m looking forward to Camp Darfur in San Antonio. Megan sent me an e-mail, saying that maybe June might be the month to make it happen.

Again, thank you for what you are all doing, and I’ll see you there soon!


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