Day 12: Jan 1, 2007


We’re asking that you become a messenger of hope in the New Year by pledging your support for victims. Add 2 things to your list of New Year resolutions:

  1. At least once a week until the genocide stops, call your legislator and explain that if he/she votes for legislation that aims to end the genocide, he/she has your vote. Go here to find your legislator. Email us if you want us to work with you on talking points.
  2. Every time you read the paper, look for coverage on Darfur in the “World” and “Africa” sections. If you find an article, write to the editor about it. If you don’t find an article, write to the editor to ask why Darfur is not mentioned in their paper. Email us if you want help on writing a letter to the editor. Here’s the contact information of a few prominent papers:

    – LA Times:
    – NY Times:
    – Wall Street Journal:
    – Washington Post:
    – Washington Times:
    – International Papers:

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