Day 10: Dec 20, 2006

Day 10 comments

We haven’t received day 10 blog entries from Gabriel and Stacey, so please post any comments you have on day 10’s video here for the time being.

EDIT: Gabriel’s post has arrived! Please post comments to him there.

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Hi, Gabriel and Stacey,
I’m just checking in to say hi and that I’m with you in spirit. The babies are beautiful. My daughter Nicole (7)watched the footage from Day 10 and saw the babies nursing. She asked if the babies were drinking “chichi” and I told her that babies all over the world are the same in loving chichi. She said she would like to take a suitcase with food in it to Darfur, even if she had to wear the same clothes everyday. Many blessings to you both. Love, Renee Larios.

hi, my name is christina rodriguez..part of ms.pereyra’s art class at palisades..i really just wanted to say how amazing i think you guys takes guts to be where you are..and heart to do what you’ve done for these kids.. GOOD LUCK..happy new year.and have a save trip!

I live in southern California in the U.S. Ostensibly, the government supports the efforts in Darfur, Eastern Chad and the Central African Republic, but I feel that we can do more; much more and that is why I, along with many friends and colleagues, are working to push our government to take further action and to educate those who are not familiar with what is happening in Darfur. I am a member of Temple Israel’s (Long Beach, CA) Darfur Task Force, the Social Concerns Committee of the South Coast Interfaith Council, and the ABC Federation of Teachers’ Human Rights Committee. Together we have worked to contact our representatives and senators to take greater action. The Darfur Task Force has raised close to $4,000 for solar cookers for the women in the camps so that they won’t have to go outside of camp to collect firewood and put themselves in jeopardy of being raped and further attacked.

We wish you much growth, safety, satisfaction and success. We wish those to whom you come in contact, a better world, peace, safety, good health, happiness and a return to their homes in the near future. We keep you in our minds and in our hearts!

Hi Charlie…
What a treat, for us and for you,
to see such healthy babies!! Once
again I am struck by the beauty of
all these people.
Please be careful travelling
North tomorrow…. sure you’ll do
fine on the plane because you’ve
shown such courage all along!!
Heading to the shore tonight..
won’t have access to site until
Monday so please know I’ll be with
you tomorrow even though I won’t be
able to comment (Dad’s hook-up is
still with your computer).
Put flyers all over Wayne and
Paoli again today so the word is
getting around…also let all the
O’Leary’s know!
Keep up the wonderful work..
you and Gabriel, Ali, Yusef (the
team back home) and all you’ve met
in the camps are in my prayers.

Salaam.. and love, Mom

I don’t know how much news you are receiving. So, I thought I would let you know that Saddam Hussein was hung yesterday for his crimes against humanity. Pass the word that at least one Middle East dictator was made to pay for his killing millions of Kurds. Unfortunately, it seems to take a military invasion to stop these brutal dictators. But at least a lot of Iraqis are celebrating today. There is always hope!
Take care of yourself.
Love, Sandy

27th dec.fuessen ,germany dearest stacey,we are so proud of you and the great mission you are involved in moves us to the heart…we are blessed to have you as our special teacher,coach and friend and we are always sending you our love…we just watched a bit of the film about the camp you are in…we are about to go on stage for the last schattenmann for martin and tomorrow(28th dec)is my last show as prince otto of bavaria…we will bring all the love coming out of our wonderful music and story in the king ludwig2 and we will send it to the universe untill it will reach you in africa…the king ludwig2 was always against any war and loved his country and his people like lady diana princess of wales and the beautiful loving princess grace kelly ranieri of monaco did…their missions were full of love and compassion and still now a days the organisations they built are working to support the countries that cannot afford to have a normal life!!!well…with all our best wishes and good luck and that god will always keep an eye on you and gabriel..we are playing tonight in the theater festspielhaus neuschwanstein thinking of you and sharing all our passion for the art,life and friendship to you…dedicating this show and its content to you…god,the angels and all the good queens and kings of the world that fought for the freedom and peace will be there to protect you and inspire you for ever…we love you so very much…thank you with all our hearts for inspiring us to be better,more truthful performers and truthful and pure human beings…sincerely yours mariano and martin

Dear Stacey,
Your courage and great heart inspire me. Seeing you hold the baby and rock it back and forth,as the mother’s did made me realize the universality of humankind. There are things that transend countries, social political standings, or differences. I saw that today in the video. Thank you.
Please keep yourself as safe as you have been. My prayers are with you.
Mimi Schiff

Hi, Stacey and Gabriel, here’s my response to Day 10’s challenge, but you already know that
1. I’m living in the U. S., in Los Angeles, California;
2. The U. S. has a very tenuous relationship with the Government of Sudan. . on the one hand decrying the atrocious treatment of the people of Darfur, but on the other hand “massaging” Al Bashir in case he really does have info on Al Qaeda.
3. And yes, the Human Rights Watch is certainly one of those global organizations with local chapters, including the Venice High School Human Rights Watch Student Task Force, that has worked on an awareness campaign on Darfur.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us,
Stay safe, Phyllis

Dearest Stacey
sorry for interfering. I woke up with the feeling, that you spoke too openly about your plans in your last video. Every insider must know by now what your plans are.
Suggest changing them!
With deep care


It must have been very emotionally rejuvinating to have seen happiness after all that sadness. God willing there will be more of that to see. Good luck with the rest of your trip.


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