Day 3: Dec 23, 2006

Tension at our doorstep

Hey friends y familia:

Last night Stacey and I had a some moments of tension and adrenaline rush, combined with a little fear, even if it might have fabricated by our overly-active brains and tired bodies.

First there were black out that would come and go a few times. Then there was what sounded like a warning siren or alarm. Then we heard activity outside, on the front of the hotel. We decided to very quietly look outside our door, from the third floor. There were men walking hurriedly in different direction on the driveway that leads to the hotel. There were some soldiers with arms also around. The scene did not look right, especially since we had seen nothing like it at the hotel before. Stacey pulled me in to the room, saying that it did not feel safe out there. We, excitedly, started to talk and talk about what we should do–stay in the room, go downstairs, call the front desk? I said, “what would I ask, is there a military attack taking place?” I instead decided to look out again and this time bring a camera. There was still movement outside, but who knows what was going on. Then things began to calm down and go back to normal. It was probably some high ranking
official having dinner at the hotel, but it sure did wake us up!

What must Darfuri people go through when their homes are really attacked? What do children feel when they see their father being killed or their mother being raped? It is all so foreign for us, but it was just as foreign to them, when bombs started falling on their villages.

After our little made up incident, we got to shake it off by going back to writing and editing. The people I met at the camps last year, they had to shake the attack off by walking ten to twenty five days to make it to the border.

Well, it’s pretty late, so I’m going to try to sleep. Good night everyone.


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Gabriel and Stacey,
What you are doing is so important. I have told everyone I know about your broadcasts…thank you for bringing the voices of the people of Darfur back to us. I believe it is the only way people will feel truly connected – to see that we are all one humanity, to look at the children and realize that one of them could be your child. Thank you and know that we are with you on your journey.

Grace Kotre,
University of Michigan

Gabriel, I already left a long comment for Stacey, but just wanted to reiterate that I hope you’ll be safe in your journeys there. Please take care…and THANK YOU so very much for being there and filing these reports.

Thank you for bringing the voices of Darfur to the internet. As more awareness is raised, more people care. By creating these 14-day videos, more people can learn about what is going on. Besides, I think that people can care, but they do not know. If they know, they will care.

Hi Gabe and Stacey,
It is so motivating to listen to Dr. Ashis Brahma. I recall his 60 Minutes interview as well that was so eye-opening. It is people like him and both of you who make a difference in this world and thanks to people like you it motivates others to take action as well. Keep your journey safe and stick with your intuitions. We don’t want you to take risks. Hopefully you got on the airplane, if not, it will be antoher day.
Take care.

Gabriel, my friend!

Thank you for your unwavering devotion to the care and support of the people of Darfur.

I watch these videos and I can’t help but be struck by the stark contrast to that 1st Camp Darfur we set up at the end of the LAX runway. There is no comparison. THIS experience is what is real. Thank you for sharing it with us who will in turn share it with others. But, what an honour it was to camp beside you there and to be invited along on this journey with you now; even though my participation is to be from the safety, comfort and warmth of my living room.

You are an inspiration!

Be well … be safe.



Jake from Wildwood School here. I have been watching and will watch all of the videos you post, what you do is inspiring. So many times, I get overwhelmed at the enormity of the crisis in Darfur but the collective activism that we all contribute is the only way to bring safety to the people of Darfur. I sent out a mass email to all of my school about your trip I hope they will watch the videos. I send my love and best wishes to you and Stacy on your trip.

See you at Wildwood’s Camp Darfur on Jan 23.


Grace Kotre says it so well, no need to repeat it.

It is true, what was said in the video today, how does mankind have indifference to this preventable suffering?

We must work harder to change ourselves and our global humanity.

Here’s to more global UBUNTU in 2007.

Our thoughts are with you. Thanks for your courage and your committment.

Pam O

my dear gabriel,

how you’ve been such an inspiration, from working on those first postcards with you, and to see all you’ve done, i’m am so proud of you, and thankful that you are doing what you do.

i’ve been challenged once again by your work, commitment and dedication.

blessings and love to you, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

carla w.

Hi, Gabe
All you do there is of the utmost importance to bring the due attention to this genocide. It always seems so ironic that this issue, though it is the most horrible thing happening in the world, is not really covered by the mainstream media. C-SPAN doesn’t seem mainstream to me and they only caught on after the big march on Washington. Some good things have happened since then, but your voices are so needed and powerful in letting the world know what is truly happening. Take care of yourselves. I can’t imagine how dangerous it is over there. Wishing you the best, Tony G

Gabriel and Stacey,
Thank you is not enough, words can’t express the admiration and prayers I give to you both. I pray for your safety.
I understand that you want to get to the camps and yet I am privileged to partake in videos that would have been missed if you had been in the camps.
I am a true believer in the universe putting you where you are supposed to be and you were.
It is an honor and a privilege to join you on your journey. Thank you for all your devotion. My heart is with you lead on.

Hola Gabe y saludos a Stacey,piensa siempre primero que nada en la seguridad de Ali,Stacey y porsupuesto la tuya.Todos queremos que el viaje sea un exito y yo se que tu tomaras las medidas para que asi lo sea.
Los 3 dias han sido muy interesantes y realmente espero que pronto puedan avanzar para nosotros tambien seguir con ustedes este maravilloso camino.Amor y paz,Connie

hi gabriel and stacey. l a friend of julia schuler she send me at e-mail of what you guys are doing in Darfur l just can say be carefull upthere and hope to meet you in person youcan write me at thank you.b ecause people like you are the ones who make a differnce JUAN C LUNA FROM LAS VEGAS NEVADA US

Meron, I met you breifly at the first Camp Darfur and wanted to say hello. You were part of a group of people that created that first Camp Darfur which changed my life. I walked in and never left. Eight months and countless Camp Darfurs later and here I am in Africa. Thank you for being a huge part of my life’s journey. Just another example of how we effect people without ever knowing it! Many Blessings, Stacey Marilyn, So glad that you got to see Ashis on 60 Minutes! Very inspiring and illuminating piece. It addressed areas of the issue that needed to be addressed and with great heart. In answer to your question, He was forced to leave on rotation as a part of his job. He very much wanted to stay but it was mandatory that he leave. He will get much needed and deserved rest after a difficult and stressful time before returning to his camp soon. Thank you for the words and concern about our safety. It really has been all about listening to our intuition this trip! Peace, Stacey

Hi Tere!

Yeah, Ashis is very much a force. He does so much, and he does it with joy!

My friend Meron:

It was pretty cool having you as a camp-mate at the first Camp Darfur. You came all the way from Canada! Thank you for your energy.

God bless that you made the journey safely. I can breath easier now. Your son will be so proud to see the video. You are in thoughts and prayers.

Hope both of you make it their real safe! i think that what u guys are doing is really worth it and it shows us what will happen in Darfur and what is happening right now.


Hi Gabriel and Stacey,
I just read an article on Gabriel in the Daily Breeze newspaper. One of my editors showed it to me. I work at KCBS 2 and KCAL 9 News (both owned by Viacom) in Hollywood. I would love if one day you two can stop by our station so that I could introduce you to some of my colleagues, editors, producers. I am a supporter of and have passed out their green bracelets and car magnets, trying to get the word out to friends and to my colleagues in the media. I am impressed by your work and commitment. I hope that I can help spread your message, in any form possible.
Please take care. I would love to meet you both some day. I live in Orange County.
My best,

Dear Gabriel

I just want to thank you for knowing what it takes for people to care about the crisis in Darfur

Dear Gabriel and Stacey,

The state of transportation in Darfur seems very intense. I can’t believe that people go as far as bombing vehicles.

I agree with the things Dr. Brahma was saying. People can be moved if others agree. I think people need to become more unified and agree on more things. The lives of so many innocent people could be saved if they were transported elsewhere.

-Yasmin A.

Dear Gabriel,

I admire how the man in this video is so dedicated to helping people in darfur, working in the infectious disease program trying to help those who are in need, by doing this and showing people these videos its impacting people alot and moving them. Good Job

Hi, I am a high school student from Pacific Palisades.I am telling my freinds to watrch ur casts over teh internet., Its really important peopel understand whats happening



The day 3 video has shown us here in America even more of what it is like in Darfur and how horrible this genocide is. Continue to do what you are doing because your work is awakening us that can’t experience what is going on first hand. Thank you.


hearing Dr. Brahma speak, was really an eye opener for me. it was passionate and true and just reached me on a deeper level. i want to try to help in any way i can. i hope you are successful in your quest.

you are an inspiration to me.

Before my teacher at Pali High brought up the Darfur issue, I had no idea what was going on. No one had ever told me about the genocide! Now I’m telling my family and friends about all of the violence and hate because it’s time for more people to get involved. What you two are doing is amazing–spreading the news is exactly what’s needed to make a difference.

–Sylvia G.

Dear Gabriel,
What you are doing to prevent the violence at Darfur and to increase the help needed to make everyone survive and stay at peace there is very inspirational. Thank you for bringing the voices of the people there to the internet so that we my also learn about their hardships.

Stay safe,

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