i-ACT 1: Nov 21 - Dec 10, 2005

Sharing a Note

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this e-mail from someone that followed i-ACT:

Dear Gabriel

I like to thank you and your team for going to see and hear the voices and show the video of your 21 days with the people of Darfur in their camps. I am originally from Darfur living right now in New York City and still have family members live over there in the camps where you visited. I spend most of my childhood traveling from village to village with my father enjoying the peaceful and lovely nature of the people in Darfur.
What happened in Darfur affected me deeply as it has effected their lives in Darfur. We companied very hard here in the US and all over to stop all the destruction and the ongoing genocide on the people of Darfur. As the act of genocide committed by evil peoples it needs real heroes to stop it and With all the information you brought more people will get involve and thousand of new heroes will emerges to erase the word GENOSIDE from the world. I appreciate and value your trip to the reign and want to thank you for all the works you have done.
I/we wish you, your family and all the people around you happy holidays.


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