Day 5: Nov 25, 2005

Road to Guereda

I’ve been shaken and bathed in sand just about as much as anyone can be. The road from Abeche to Guereda is quite an experience. Check out Day 5, and you’ll get an idea. It took us about 5 hours to get out here. Our Land Cruiser almost did not want to make it. With only about 15 kilometers to go, it stalled on us, and it barely puttered its way in to town. They had to take out the air filter, which was very clogged with sand. Essa, the driver, did not bring an extra one. For the road we were on, you figure that people would bring two or three extra! Essa was able to wash it, and the car is up and running.

In Guereda, we went straight to the offices of the UNHCR. They have been wonderful in every step of the way. In N’Djamena they helped us get our press pass. In Abeche we were able to interview Jean-Marie, and Ginette sent out our information to all the different camp areas we will be visiting, asking for assistance in making things happen for us. Here in Guereda, We met with Emmanuel and Beatrice. Beatrice is Chadian and will assist us in connecting with the people in the camps. Emmanuel briefed us about the camps he and the UNHCR oversee. He also has story to tell himself. He is a Tutsi survivor. He was a part of UNAMIR back in Rwanda 1994. I asked Emmanuel if he would sit for a conversation with the camera rolling, so we can talk about the crisis today and about Rwanda.

We also re-encountered Martin, the aid worker we interviewed for Day 2. We will now get to see him in action at the camps.

Jumping back to Abeche, we really have to thank Jennifer (JC) who was our great host. We stayed at the guesthouse of the organization she program-manages for this area. She is the one that put us contact with all the different people that have helped us. She was also great company.

I’m pretty exhausted right now. We have slept little, but we are feeling good. Please stay active and get others to become involved.

I’ll see you tomorrow from the camps!


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Gab and Chris and team members(in Guereda and back at home): In response to days past to present, you have brought us all in with you on this journey. Through your brilliant articulations to the visual images caputured along the path leading to the Guereda. With great eloquence, all segments were remarkably put together. I really enjoyed the music, by Masadongar, and the filming, it was moving!
As you continue on to the camps, remember, you are not alone, we are all with you,and also, “There is strength in numbers.”

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