Day 4: Nov 24, 2005

Commenting back…

11/23/05 2:59pm

Hello all,

I have a great time reading all of your comments.

Right now I had a quick minute to get on a computer at the UNHCR, so I thought I’d comment back.

Hey Mount St. Mary’s!

About your questions regarding food and security in the camps, a representative from the UNHCR, who you can see as a part of Day 3 video, had answers. He talked specifically about the camps in Chad. He says that they have now moved out of the emergency stage and now have adequate food. There is also relative security within the camps. Please see the interview, and, when I get back, I can show you the whole piece.

Hey Jav, Teresa, Rachel, JC!
Thanks for all the comments of encouragement. Teresa, I got your message on the sat phone…thanks!

Gracias amiga!

That is great news about the UC system agreeing to consider divestment. Keep it up! Say hi to all at the DAC! How’s Adam doing?

I have some other posts to enter today, plus we are working on the Day 4 video.

A big hug to all.


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Hi Gabriel,

Just wanted to send you a quick “hello.” Have been thinking about you today. You are one of my personal heroes. Thanks again for the commitment you have to this important cause. You and Rachel are really helping to keep alive our awareness and dedication to Darfurians.

Thanks to the reminders, I just called the President’s hotline and got a real person. I told her about my concerns on Darfur and she promised that she would relay them upwards. Will try to do it at least one more time before I leave for Africa (Uganda and Kenya) on this Saturday.

Take good care of yourself! I will try to get more folks on board.

With fondness,
Paula Tavrow

P.S. A big hug to JC!!

Wow! I was hoping this clip would last longer. Very informative. We have to get people to watch this. You guys are doing a wonderful job in putting together a great instrument in educating people and your goal “creating awareness” for a call to ACTION.
Gabe, we’ll all miss you on Thanksgiving but will have you very present.

Hi Gabe,
I’ve been following you. Sorry I’m not there to translate for you. Here are some words that can come in handy:
Sabah el khare: Good Morning
Masaa el khare: Good Evening
Shukran: Thank you
Ana when: Where am I?
This is your lesson for the day.
Take care. Charles D.

Primo, desde Monterrey te mando bendiciones, con Fe y la buena voluntad de gente como ustedes se pueden lograr milagros, no solo montañas vas a mover se que esto iniciara a mover al mundo!! recibe un abrazo,
Daniel Valle Ortegón

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