Tech Equipment

Our i-ACT team uses technology to create mutually beneficial relationships that lead to action and advocacy, and also long term friendships between individuals, schools, families and communities thousands of miles apart. You can help create this connection, support our advocacy efforts in the community, and help bring peace, protection and justice to the people of Darfur by donating much needed equipment.

Here are some items (and their uses) that i-ACT is in need of:

  1. Multimedia Projector – for Camp Darfur presentations and for live video feeds in the refugee camp. Options:
    • Epson PowerLit S6 or S7
    • Epson EX30
    • Epson EX50
    • similar/newer models
  2. 1-2 MacBook Pro – Currently, the i-ACT team (both in the US and in Chad) uses Mac laptops that have traveled to the camps 5 and 7 times. It would be incredible to be able to update our computers. It would help us considerably to be able to use new versions of our 2006 and 2008 MacBooks.
  3. Secure Digital (SD/SDHC) memory cards 8 GB or bigger for our video cameras (we no longer use tapes, but cards).
  4. External Hard Drives that hold 200 GB or more for downloading and storing footage from refugee camps. We currently need to transfer i-ACTs 1-3 (still on tapes) to digital form to preserve the footage so large External Hard Drives, 1 TB or larger are also needed.
  5. Gift cards to electronics stores such as Best Buy, Fry’s, Amazon, etc. to purchase technology needs for the camp.
  6. Blank DVDs for producing i-ACT DVDs.