Second Life

Camp Darfur in Second Life gives avatars in the virtual world Second Life a chance to walk through a ghost town of a refugee camp, victimized by years of torture and genocide. Camp Darfur memorializes those lost in the Sudan and offers ways to get involved in sharing this story. We aim to make this digital representation honest and fair to those who are currently struggling in UNHCR camps in Chad and elsewhere while giving more background into the situation currently facing the Darfurians.

Visit Second Life to learn more. Check out the slideshow and photo galleries from our virtual experiment in interactive activism. The i-ACT videos are now viewable thanks to Green Lantern protectors and scripters in Second Life; the entire Camp Darfur experience is available 24/7 from your home, easy to share with friends.

Camp Darfur in Second Life was built by the scouts of Better World Island.

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Camp Darfur in Second Life