From America With Love

Stop Genocide Now is collecting the images, voices, and solidarity of everyday Americans in brief messages to be sent to the people of Darfur now living in displacement.

The messages are compiled into video letters from the American people to be screened in the refugee camps where most of the people of Darfur now live.

Our goal is to remind the people of Darfur that in the face of desperate circumstances we, the people, stand in solidarity with them and support their right to life and dignity. From America with Love is also a message to the world leaders, through solidarity with the innocent victims, demanding immediate action.

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Greetings of Hope: March 2010

Glendale/Pasadena based, In His Shoes, sends their messages from survivor to survivor: Greetings of Hope

Their Darfuri friends respond:

2008 Presidential Candidates Send their Messages

we spoke to several Congressmen as part of our From America with Love project. Two of them happen to be candidates in the upcoming elections for the Presidency, Barack Obama and John McCain!

If your group is interested in sending video or letter/image messages to the refugees living in the camps, please contact Katie-Jay at for more information and a timeline. If you are a school and interested in cultivating a long-term relationship between students here and refugee students, you can email Katie-Jay or visit Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program.

The first messages From America with Love